Peter Broderick: “Below It”

Peter Broderick broderick

Violinist, photographer, cinematographer and occasional singer Peter Broderick makes some delightful music.  The German’s perspective on life is highly skewed, but only romantically.  I feel like he’ll suffer the indignities of life for us, reporting only the most magical moments and transferring those into track.  He’s probably best known for his collaborations with groups like Horse Feathers and as the strings player for M. Ward.  Most Recently he did collaborationals with the Danish co- experimental electro-acoustic Machinefabriek with some tremendous results.  Recently (shamefully) I discovered a video for one of my favorite songs by Broderick.  This makes “Below It” brand new for me, and reason enough to share it with you.  The clip will leave you confused, but the landscape of scene and song will satisfy.


Peter Broderick – Below It.mp3

Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek- Homecoming.mp3


Some additional news:  Broderick just added 3 new gorgeous songs to his Myspace, and claims to be finalizing a collection of songs he recorded and mixed in April, for a September release.



(“Below It” is taken from 2008’s HOME, available via the fantastic HUSH Records)



(2009’s Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick is available for a free listen and a very cheap download here, courtesy of Slaapwel Records)



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