Top 10 Songs of 2010 (So Far): Glenn’s Edition

(pondering what music to put in my top 10)

In the glorious year of 2010 I haven’t quite been able to seek out as much new music as I would like. I hope that no one is disappointed by the well-known nature of my picks. Matt and Sean do a way better job of finding new stuff. But what the hell, I never had a problem giving my opinion about music. So here are my favorite songs, so far, not really in any order.

Download Glenn’s Top 10 Songs


White Antelope – “False Knight on the Road”

To tell the truth, I don’t know if this came out in 2010 or not, but I love it and it fits perfectly with my PNW lifestyle these days.

White Antelope Myspace


Damien Jurado – “Arkansas”

A little more upbeat than normal, but brings a new vibe with the same old Seattle sound.

Damien Jurados Site


The National – “Runaway”

Same National, with soothing sorrow leading into crescendos. These guys are fantastic

The National’s Site


Mos Dub – Johnny Too Beef

Who can ask for more than Mos mixed with Bob Marley. This is an entire CD of smooth mash ups of Mos and Marley songs.

Link to download Mos Dub cd for free


Damien Marley and Nas ft K’naan – “Africa Must Wake Up”

High Profile collaboration. I like both these guys and they have a good reggae/dancehall/hip-hop combination. The hook to this song is so catchy.

Distant Relatives Site


Four Tet – She Just Likes to Fight

Four Tet makes music that is perfect for putting on headphones and walking through NYC. It’s surreal.

Four Tet’s Site


Jonsi – Go Do

The Sigur Ros lead singer strays just enough from his band to make it different, but still keeps a lot of the good things. More accessible for many people.

Jonsi’s Site


The Black Keys – Everlasting Light

Even though The Black Keys are huge now, they will always hold a special place with me. I was with them from the beginning and can’t get enough of their sound. This song adds a little funk.

The Black Keys Site


Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Hot Chip are just fun. I got turned onto this song when Matt sent out the video (definitely check it out). I have been a Hot Chip fan for a while and keep being impressed by how much they can change their sound.

Hot Chip’s Site


Junip – Rope and Summit

Anything Jose Gonzalez does is fine with me. He has a unique sound that is present in this song as well. Junip’s other two EPs are also great. There is a free EP download at their site.

Junip’s Site


  1. #1 by cwells9 on June 5, 2010 - 5:34 AM

    you may not have the best tastes in sports teams, burgers, or home decorations, but musically, sir, you run with the best of them.

    • #2 by The Wounded Jukebox on December 26, 2010 - 6:00 PM

      Thank you, good sir! I appreciate your help expanding my hip hop horizons

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