Lissie: Catching A Tiger




I may like Lissie (Maurus) a bit too much.  But how could you not?  Her smoky and brilliant voice is an amazing treat.  But beware.  Her bio warns you that she’s not just

“a freckled balladeer borne of milk and cookies and cornfields”.

No sir, I would never dare think that.  She’s also a product of an international barber shop quartet champion grandfather and gangsta rap.  Her publicist would like to paint her as a tough knee-you-in-the-crotch-for-ordering-first gal from Illinois, but when you make music like she does, you kinda just wanna open her doors and pound the ogglers.  Her Why You Runnin’ EP garnered great reviews last year, you can grab some tracks from it in the link above or here.  Hooray!  Because soon cometh the long player, all hail the LP.  June 22nd’s Catching a Tiger looks to be another amaaaaaaaazing animal altogether.  Faster paced tracks like the first single, “When I’m Alone” (in the box) and the more morose “In Sleep” (also in the box) brushes away some of those country cornfields and adds bar room grit.  Touring might have added a bit of color to the girl’s wings.  Wonderful, wonderful things can be expected from our lass Lissie, come and see.

[Lissie’s Myspace]

[Pre-Order Catching A Tiger here]

Lissie Catching A Tiger

(Catching A Tiger will be released in the UK on June 22nd, via Sony Uk Records)

Lissie Why You Runnin'

(Why You Runnin’ EP available now from Fat Possum Records)

Also check out the live video of “When I’m Alone” in the VodPod.  It’s just damn sexy.



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