Rosie And Me: Bonfires

(Photo by Marcelo Stammer, 2010)

I know that there’s twee-pop, but is there twee-folk? If so, I might put Brazilian group Rosie And Me into the latter category. There’s just some simple acoustic guitar, some bells and chimes and a little bit of whistling on “Bonfires,” one of the songs from the group’s five-song effort called Bird And Whale EP. Lead singer Rosanne Machado carries both of the tunes we offer here today. She plays guitar and banjo as well, and I presume that the group’s name comes from her as well. But I could be wrong (it’s happened many times before, but I try to avoid it). Both of these songs are about that fluttery feeling you get inside when you love someone, and want to dance with them. A little cutesy, I know, but both tunes are simple and well-done.

Album Artwork | Bird and Whale EP | Rosie and Me

Bonfires” By Rosie And Me (From Bird And Whale EP, available here)

Come Back” By Rosie And Me (From Bird And Whale EP)


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