Delta Spirit: Bushwick Blues

Delta Spirit might be from San Diego, but they’ve got plenty of southern soul. There’s a grittiness to their brand of rock, and their simple and honest lyrics really hit home. Their new album, History From Below, strikes a wonderful balance between the gentle, strumming southern ballad and the rocking, rolling northern soul that are equally strong parts of the band’s personality. The band has toured alongside Cold War Kids, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Dr. Dog.

The first single from Delta Spirit’s  new record, “Bushwick Blues,” boasts both the arrogant side of young love:

All the other guys that you’ve seen
are nothing compared to me
Because my love is strong
And my heart is weak
After all

And the open ache we feel for that first person we ever loved:

I met a young girl
Well I couldn’t manage her
Because I think of you
In every girl I meet
It’s no relief
That sounds to me just as sweet

The second song we offer here, “White Table” is my favorite so far from the new record. There’s the pace changes, the rolling, clacking rhythm section, and the simple lyrical touch.

Torn in two
Beaten and scarred
I’ll give you my love but not my heart
Tattered and worn
Battered and bruised
I’ll give you my love but it won’t be true

Product Details

Bushwick Blues” By Delta Spirit (From History From Below, out now on Rounder Records)

White Table” By Delta Spirit (From History From Below, out now on Rounder Records)

Product Details

Trashcan” By Delta Spirit (From Ode To Sunshine, out now on Rounder Records)



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  1. #1 by carolina on June 10, 2010 - 2:22 PM

    the new album is really great and im getting more into this band.. skinny white boys rocking/ softly serenading thanks sean for the awesome post and links!

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