Sarah Jaffe: Texas Tender


Another female singer-songwriter?  Kinda, but not quite.  What makes her different is the bridge she forms between genres.  Sarah Jaffe sings from the same place as Alela Diane, has the softness of Angus & Julia Stone, and could easily be the 4th for the Mountain Man sisters.  NPR chose her song “Clementine” for their esteemed Song of the Day recently, and even used another two years ago, with “Even Born Again”.  Her first full-length Suburban Nature sounds fantastic.  I’m convinced that the title doesn’t refer to a country personality, but instead to the vast idea of things that can grow and flourish when dwelt upon in grain fields.  The album art caught my eye, and tracks 1 (“Before You Go”), and 2 (“Clementine”) caught my ear.  Take a bit of a stroll with Sarah, and listen to her stories of childhood through song.  She’ll fill you up.

[Sarah’s Myspace]

[Sarah Jaffe’s Website]


(Suburban Nature is available now via Kirtland Records)


(The Even Born Again EP is grabbable here)



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