Breakbot: Pure 80’s Powerpop


The French seem to be hard-wired to produce amazing synth and electronica sounds.  The latest to become remixer de rigueur is Thibaut Berland, or Breakbot to all his friends.  Apparently he wasn’t the most popular kid at  school and never got asked to dance by girls.  So instead of chasing tail, he fell into music.  In 2007 he was signed to Moshi Moshi records and produced the Happy Rabbit EP.  It’s full of samples and intersplicing; a wonderful debut.  Since then, Breakbot has been evolving into an animal of a rainbow color.  He’s remixed for Sebastien Tellier, Justice, Fatlip, Arrow and PNAU.  He’s BEEN remixed by many others.  Berland’s wonderful ability to imbue his sounds with F-U-N and gotta-dance-or-I’m-gonna-slap-you-in-the-face makes me grateful to all the ladies that ever turned him down.  Breakbot is letting us all dance now.  Pure 80’s spirit.  30 years on.

*Be sure to listen to and watch “Baby I’m Yours”.*  It’s amazing.

[Breakbot Myspace]

[Ed Banger Records Myspace]


(The Baby I’m Yours EP available via the Parisian Ed Banger Records)



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