Arcade Fire: We Used To Wait, Ready To Start

Color me excited for Arcade Fire’s forthcoming LP The Suburbs. If I was somewhat unsure what the new album would bring based on initial single “The Suburbs” and its B-side “Month of May” (and I was), these two new tracks have alleviated any doubt. The band that does anthemic, penetrating indie music better than most acts out there has given us two new reasons to get jazzed about The Suburbs, which is due out August 3rd on Merge Records.

The titles of these two songs play perfectly into the game that preventing album leaks has become. “We Used To Wait” for album release dates with baited breath and never thought about whether someone had slid a copy under the table and onto the internet for all to peruse. And I am definitely “Ready to Start” salivating over the chance of this new Arcade Fire record being one of the best of 2010. As of now, it’s all premature, but these two new tracks (grabbed from the fantastically amazing blog Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good) offer a delightful preview of what the record has in store.

I was pretty pumped then, when I bought “The Suburbs” and “Month of May.” I am even more energized about The Suburbs now.

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Image: The Suburbs Cover

We Used To Wait” By Arcade Fire (From The Suburbs, due out August 3 on Merge Records)

This is my favorite of the four tracks that have been offered up thus far. The piano line bounces through the whole song, and it’s built upon beautifully by some synthy elements, a dirty bass line and a thumping kickdrum. Win Butler’s vocals on this tune range from beautifully subdued whisper to dramatic yelps and shouts. And they’re accompanied by some great backing vocals from his wife Regine.

And those lyrics. Oh man.

I used to write

I used to wite letters, I used to sign my name

I used to sleep at night — before the flashing lights buried deep in my brain

But by the time we met, the times had already changed

So I never wrote a letter, I never took my true heart, I never wrote it down

So when the lights cut out, I was left standing in the wilderness downtown

Ready To Start” By Arcade Fire (From The Suburbs, due out August 3 on Merge Records)

More great guitar on this track, and shotgun drums. The band builds tension superbly throughout before breaking down and releasing in the final minute. Again, the lyrics here seem to be about being open to the possibility of loving another in spite of an inability to truly love yourself. Could be wrong though.

All the kids have always known

The emperor wears new clothes

But they bow down to him anyway

Cause it’s better than being alone

If I was scared I would

If I was bored, you know I would

And if I was yours

But I’m not



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