Washed Out: “You And I” ft. Caroline Polachek

Washed Out-Caroline Polachek There are flavors used in Ernest Greene’s music that remind me of a birthday song that I had on tape when I was little.  You know the kind right?  Where they make a fun song, and then substitute your name in it so you would feel special.  Well I did.  Very special in fact.  I must’ve played that thing a million times.  Washed Out brings those birthday feeling bubbling to surface and smoothes your hair while sashaying down a California beach board walk.  “You And I” is part of the Kia Adult Swim Singles Program (disclaimer: I own one/ I watch it) going on where 8 dedicated songs will be debuted week by week.  The song has a darker tinge to the dreamscape Greene usually paints, but with flattering and surrounding vocals by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, it should still leave you rested when you wake.

Washed Out – You and I (feat. Caroline Polachek) by The Wounded Jukebox


Washed Out – You’ll See It by The Wounded Jukebox


[Washed Out Myspace]

[Ernest Greene’s Neato Photoblog]

[Chairlift Myspace] 




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