Wild Nothing: “Summer Holiday” and JOYOUS others

wild-nothing-summer-holiday Ordinary events in your life might not seem noteworthy at first.  But oddly enough, when put into the right medium, they could make wondrous tales Mother Goose would plunk down and scribble.  For example, yesterday a new found friend and I were discussing the art of the Summer beard while playing Ultimate Frisbee on a pleasant breezy day.  Doesn’t  exactly make the rancor rail within you does it?  BUT if we take a lesson from Jack Tatum (skywardly pictured) and his moniker Wild Nothing, we could be singing about soaring circles and heated hairs soon enough.  It’s not just the simple connective statements he makes within his music that draws ears.  Instead, he uses warm, clear instrumentation to craft a mood that pervades throughout.  In truth it is hard to describe the feel of Wild Nothing.  The aftereffects are far easier to preach.  Contentment.  Pure and honest contentment.

“Summer Holiday” offers you the best of those sun-blanketed vacation moments.  The ones you’ll chalk down with all the blondes and beaming smiles.

Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday by The Wounded Jukebox

Wild Nothing – Chinatown by The Wounded Jukebox

[Wild Nothing Myspace]


(The Gemini LP is available now!!!!!!! from Captured Tracks Records)



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