Muchuu: Adventure We Go


If you’ve seen a rainbow in the past month or so, the joy that still remains should serve as a swell intro for TWJ’s latest obsession: Muchuu (Moo-chew).  The sister/brother duo of Milky and George gave it a go just over two years ago, and they’ve been experimenting with this new found “music thing” ever since.  Let me pause for second, and let you listen to a cover (turn it up loud) they did recently of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Dudley”.

The two Brits take a wonderful song, and casually stroll into a cavern covered in jewels to let fly and dance.  If you liked it, there’s a neat double cover of Bat For Lashes’ “Daniel” and “La Valse D’ Amelie” from the Amelie Soundtrack here and another from Bjork here.

“Rainstorm garden dance

We run without a care

Look back

How I’d laugh

Magic take me there

Watch my garden grow

Watch my garden grow

Of my favourite things

Watching raindrops fall

Breath against the air

Cheeks a-blush once more

Feet stuck in the mud

Watch my garden grow”

-From the title track; “Adventure We Go”

Muchuu, in its Japanese translation equates to something like: “to be in an ecstatic delirious trance or dream”.  And while the younger George harmonizes from the stands and weaves 8-bit wonderlands, Milky cartwheels between the sunbeams singing about her latest fancy.  You can almost see their family scene; Mom and Dad, with a gentle smile, making them finish their greens, and Brother and Sister shoveling them in only to bolt for the back door to the fields beyond.  Their debut “Adventure We Go” is filled with Nintendo power-ups, gentle and curious questioning, amazement at circumstance, and bells of all size and shape.  After listening you won’t believe there’s ever been a rainy day in England.

Muchuu – Somebody Tell Me (Zoned Out Remix) by michelledillman

(Big thanks to Brighton’s The Recommender for cluing us in!!!!)

[Muchuu Myspace]

[Muchuu’s really fun website here]

Adventure We Go Muchuu

(Adventure We Go is given to us from Kii Music)



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