The Acorn: No Ghost

The Acorn aloft

Which came first, the lyrics or the music?  In the case of The Acorn, it’s neither.  The visuals and the story are what’s placed front and center in this Canadian Alt-Folk quintet.  The sophomore release of No Ghost follows the tale of dust forming into being, rebelling against its nature, eventually returning to dust once more.  The journey from ash to corporeal and beyond is a full-on wonderland in the hands of the youngsters.  They use the opportunity to explore and water-color their way across several peyote inspired universes and archipelagi only to land in a backyard barbecue of family and friend.  It’s enough to buy a ticket on whatever vessel they sail in, cause you know you’ll be back when it counts the most.  Compared to the last, their newest record seems to escape through the seams and take delight in the space it finds.  Lots of unconventional song structure (not uncomfortably so) and soaring, slamming rhythms.  The arc of sleep into waking revelry begins with the track “Restoration”.  And as you can see from the waveform, it only builds from there.

The Acorn – Restoration by The Wounded Jukebox

So if you up for it, go the rest of the way.  Take The Acorn’s lead and you’ll be sloshing through sewer with Sigmund Freud one moment (“Crossed Wires”) and stomping your hooves with Centaurs (“No Ghost”) the next.

The Acorn – No Ghost by The Wounded Jukebox

The Acorn – Kindling to Cremation by The Wounded Jukebox

See: that the clips from their debut Glory Hope Mountain actually forms a short film, directed Chris Mills.  It’s striking.  And lyrically harmonious.

[The Acorn’s Myspace]–where they cackle and caw

The Acorn No Ghost

(No Ghost is available now via the best label of the year {me thinks} Bella Union Records)



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