Bombay Bicycle Club: “Ivy and Gold”


Continuously impressed by these Londoners I am.  Previous sounds have been robust, downright ragged thrills upon the ear, and they were truly lovely. But now Bombay Bicycle Club has a new collection releasing mid-July over the sea, and this time it’s gonna be an entirely acoustic effort, something they’ve been planning to do for a while now.  The two advance songs from the full-length titled Flaws, (to be released the 1st week July) are some skip-along treats for your sunshiny afternoons.  “Ivy and Gold” is simple, but takes the wonderful vocals of Mr. Jack Steadman and Jamie MacColl and wagon-trains them to a lazy ride through the clouds.  The title track “Flaws” features the adorably named Lucy Rose (she’s been touring with them too) with her tender backing vocals and Steadman on a roof, overlooking a English garden.  It’s all a giant wake-up call to the Yanks from NME’s Best Band of 2010.  They’re really something.  Take this chance to get to know them.

Bombay Bicycle Club-Ivy & Gold by The Wounded Jukebox


Apparently, this video for “Flaws” is the 1st of 11 accompanying clips to go with all 11 tracks.  So stay tuned!

[Pre-order Flaws here]

[Bombay Bicycle Club’s Webpage]

[Bombay Bicycle Club Myspace]

[Lucy Rose Myspace]

Flaws Cover

(Flaws and it’s July 12th release is due in the U.K. from Island Records)



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