Cloud Cult: Running With The Wolves

I know why Cloud Cult chose “Running With The Wolves” as the promo single for their newest LP, Light Chasers. It’s the somewhat safe pick. The most cohesive and normal song on the new album (which is available for digital download on their website now).

The song is good, make no mistake. But I encourage anyone not familiar with the wonders of this Minneapolis, Minnesota to take in an entire album. Cloud Cult is often tagged with “experimental,” and with good reason. They use keys, strings, and vocoders in addition to standard rock instruments like guitar and drums. And they blend it all into a cocktail that is typically moving and always interesting.

Having immersed myself in Light Chasers as soon as I could buy it from the band’s website, I can say it’s a grower. But I think all of Cloud Cult’s albums are like that: It takes time and effort to absorb all the elegant touches and powerful emotion. That required patience might be why the band hasn’t achieved success on the scale they deserve.

In short, Light Chasers is a fantastic album. And “Running With The Wolves” is the perfect song to introduce any newcomers to the band with a small dose of what they offer: unique, intriguing and for lack of a better word “experimental” indie rock. Take in the new single, and check out some of the older material here as well.

Buy Light Chasers here.

Running With The Wolves” By Cloud Cult (From Light Chasers, physical release September 2010, available digitally now)

When Water Comes To Life” By Cloud Cult (From Feel Good Ghosts, out now, self-released)

Chemicals Collide” By Cloud Cult (From The Meaning of 8,  out now on Earthology/Rbg) Earthology/Rbg)


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