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Best Coast: Boyfriend

Bethany Cosentino is undeniably charming, even when she’s straddling the line between cutesy puppy love and full-on stalking. That’s because as the frontwoman for Best Coast, Cosentino croons over drums and echoing guitars for an affect akin to waves rolling by on a sunny, sweaty summer day.

Best Coast’s first full-length, Crazy For You, drops July 27. In the meantime, as a followup to “When I’m With You” — which was part of Matt’s very first post on TWJ! — and two previously released EPs, the song “Boyfriend” has been made available as an appetizer to the new album.

Amidst the reverb, pounding drumbeat and “oooohhhhaahhhh” backing vocals, Cosentino pines for this mystery man who is, unfortunately, spoken for. Because her vocals are so simple and sweet, and the melodies so sugary, lines like this are dropped casually enough that one might miss their sting:

The other girl is not like me, she’s prettier and skinnier.

She has a college degree and I dropped out when I was 17.

If I could only get her out of the picture,

then he would know how much I want him.

Infatuation, insecurity and jealousy all in an attractive little package. And plenty of charm to spare.

Boyfriend” By Best Coast (From Crazy For You, due out July 27 on Mexican Summer)

When I’m With You” By Best Coast

Wish He Was You” By Best Coast (From Something In The Way EP, out now on Post Present Medium)


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