Rob The Rich: “Better”

Rob The Rich

Three words: Steel Drum Parade.  One regret: It’s not longer.  The quiver of the vocals and the Tropical Pop outfit of Rob The Rich (name doesn’t strike me, does it strike you?) lets loose with some unexpected flair on the track “Better”.  It was recently selected for the Best of Myspace #97 (97? really?).  If they make many more like this, the Brightonites can expect a care package from TWJ.  It’ll be filled with chocolate chip cookies and our sister’s number.  Anytime boys, anytime.

Rob The Rich – Better by The Wounded Jukebox

Multitudes of fruit were harmed in the making of this video

[Rob The Rich Website]

[Rob the Rich Myspace]

[Rob the Rich cocktail, clothe and comida Blog]

Better Single

(The Better 7’’ was released July 5th via Label Fandango)

[Buy it here]



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