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Darwin Deez: Gangly Joy

Darwin Deez

If smile you must, then smile you will when listening to/watching a Mr. Darwin Deez.  You’ll swear you didn’t know him five seconds ago, but since then he’s put some cupcakes in the oven and fluffed your pillow.  He’ll remind you of that one really neat guy in middle school all-growed-up (remember him?) and sing you new things born from potlucks and outerspace, cause both are outta this world.  Cough.  Lift your head up just a bit and swing your heart just a tad more to the risk of it soaring just a pinch higher than ‘tis usual.  Click once and you’ll hear his debut.  All of it.  Say “thankyouLuckyNumberMusic”!!!  Such a nice Record Label.  Highlights are yours to choose, but this one recommends such hits as “Up In The Clouds” and “The City” and “Radar Detector” or all the rest.  Done.  See, not one single comment about the hair. 

Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez by LuckyNumberMusic

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Darwin Deez Cover Art 

(Darwin Deez is available now via Lucky Number Music)


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