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Clock Opera: Lucid Dreamscapes


Here’s a couple steps to follow if you’re a struggling DJ or living room mixmaster, and you thirst for the big neon lights in the undergrounds: 

Step 1. take some great new songs from up and coming artists. 

Step 2. Remix them really really really well.

It’s that simple!  Once you finish those, the artists you remixed should knock your door down to ask if they can use your sweet mash-ups on their single releases and whatnots.  Don’t believe me?  This is what happened to Guy Connelly and now he’s releasing his own singles and being remixed in turn.  Like his moniker Clock Opera might imply, he takes an theatrical viewpoint on music and creates/re-creates songs that will sound downright shivertastic bouncing off the walls of an empty concert hall.  It’s an auditorial (audio/tutorial) moment of wonder whenever you see something that makes you look up and gape.  His first proper single was the White Noise/Alouette 7” which featured a nice little contemporary act in “White Noise”- but “Alouette” was the big treat with it’s looping Mandolin choir and grand statements.  He WILL call you Alouette, whether you like it or not.

Most recently though, he’s released a song that’s been likened to sex, with vocals described as Yearny and solely responsible for creating a new genre called “Histrionica”.  Quite a reputation to live up to, but once you hear the song, you’ll understand.  “A Piece of String” spins and punches with it’s digits until Connely’s voice takes over with it’s personified quest to understand things.  Unfortunately, it seems this world is too fast paced for it, and everything crashes to an end.  With other remixes for Au Revoir Simone, Marina and the Diamonds, Everything Everything, The Golden Filter and Phenomenal Handclap Band, Clock Opera is building up a reputation for adding a bit of the grandiose to anything he encounters.  We’re looking forward to his journeys to come.

Clock Opera by The Wounded Jukebox

[Clock Opera Myspace page]

A Piece of String

(A Piece of String 7” is available from Maman Records)

White Noise-Alouette

(The White Noise/Alouette 7” is self-released but available for free via an email on his Myspace)


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