Menomena: TAOS

Awhile back, we posted the first taste of Menomena’s latest full-length LP Mines, entitled “Five Little Rooms.” I wrote of how strange and compelling that initial introduction to this Portland outfit’s most recent musical output was. The newest single floating out there now is called “TAOS,” and while it’s slightly more conventional, it’s just as loud and just as interesting as “Five Little Rooms.”

The elements — a droning guitar line, great brass section, a dash of percussion from Danny Seim and some wonderful keyboard melodies — are blended superbly and layered with Brent Knopf’s swagger-filled singing. When all the wonderful noise drops out just short of halfway through this fun 5-minute track, I am taken directly back to their I Am the Fun Blame Monster days. The brittle, echoing keyboard  takes center stage before Knopf’s vocals return. Then we get back to the noisy fun.

Knopf sounds a bit like Damon Albarn on this track… Gorillaz Albarn, not Blur Albarn.

“I’m not the most cocksure guy,
but I get more bold with every smile

I’m not the most cocksure man,
I take what I get and get what I can.”

TAOS” By Menomena (From Mines, out now on Barsuk Records)

Five Little Rooms” By Menomena (From Mines, out now on Barsuk Records)

Product Details

The Late Great Libido” By Menomena (From I Am the Fun Blame Monster, out now on Muuuhahaha! LLC)



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