Jaill: A Jittery Jog


After a bit of self-imposed music vacation, the return to it brings rough entry.  I only had the NPR expos to tease me.  Silence was hard at first, but smooth in retrospect.  So then my latest visit to the record store had me buying 8 different albums, all at the behest of the listening stations and the guys behind the counter.  Side note; they told me the last half of August is notoriously a dry time for music releases.  This is because it coincides with school reinstating and the various marketing schedules behind it.  Interesting.

78.34 later, one of the 8 was Jaill’s That’s How We Burn.  The extra L is for larceny, because they’ll steal complacency from you (…cough).  Any meandering lollygagging you have stored up in your summer gut will twitch and release in dance and laughter when you listen to just a few of them songs Jaill’s got for ya.  They’ve got a ruffian comedy behind their style of jitter hop rock; you won’t be able to take them seriously and that’s ok, because they only come to the bangin’ parties and then disappear long before they can become annoying.  The Milwaukee foursome sound a tad of Shins meets Thermals at times, and at others they sound just like your little brother’s neato bedroom band.  Eleven songs and the energy/pace DOES-NOT-LET-UP.  And by golly it’s hard to make a record that runs at you for half an hour without turning and running the other way yourself.  But a hearty jog is in order on Jaill’s sophmore effort.  With them, you can get your kicks and then collapse with a smile.

Say “thank you” SubPop.

Jaill – That’s How We Burn by subpop

[Jaill Website]

[Jaill Myspace]



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