Perfume Genius: Listen To Him


It’s either the moment right after you wake up from an enveloping dream, or the act of walking hand in hand with your loved one down a silent night street.  But then it’s an impromptu ivory diddy with a smirk all the while looking at you.  And then again it’s just a plain and soft shoulder.  Perfume Genius and his Learning urks the descriptors and slips by the critics.  This faraway boy and his piano can pierce the most oversaturated soul and then soar out the other side.  You’ll truly leak to wonder.  Despite the unfortunate way Seattle’s Mike Hadreas and his moniker reminds me of a certain traumatizing movie, his music can tame your worst day.  So much so you’ll find yesterday apologetic and offering you tomorrow on a silver platter.

Ten songs sounding more of a singular movement or ten different people pondered on one train ride; it will fly by you quickly.  There are some wonderful standouts though.  I think I’ll be listening to “Gay Angels” until I see the one I love for the first time.  It’s a propped and ready slingshot to throw you into the arms of that one person.  And “Perry” leaps from the line drifting but ends in a slicing kaleidoscope of itself, full of color and scene.  Perfume Genius in it’s parts is really just voice with a four chord piano backing.  That just is not a limiting one though, it’s simplicity audiolized.  Hadreas’ lyrics beg to “survive him” and dwell in the visuals that flow from his music.  Listen to him.

Perfume Genius – Learning by TurnstileMusic

For some rare live performances go HERE

For some beautiful and creepy accompanying videos such as the one above, go HERE.  It’s Kewlmagik.



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