Jenny and Johnny: Scissor Runner

Ain’t it grand, the music love makes? Jenny and Johnny are Jenny Lewis — originally of Rilo Kiley fame and a talented, versatile solo artist as well — and Johnny Rice, who is probably best known for playing Roy Orbison in the movie Walk The Line. Rice and Lewis have collaborated on a number of projects since 2005, and it’s unclear to me when they became an actual real-life couple. The pair worked with Elvis Costello on the track “Carpetbagger” from Lewis’ second solo effort Acid Tongue, and Costello asked both to help with his record Momofuku.

Well now, the duo have mixed and mastered a batch of tunes they’ve been working on for a couple of years. The record, titled I’m Having Fun Now, is set for an August 31st release date. It’s buoyant surf-style rock with wonderful guitar and male/female vocal harmony. Basically, it’s what two talented and creative people mixing their styles should sound like. Give a listen.

Big Wave” By Jenny and Johnny (From I’m Having Fun Now, out August 31 on Warner Brothers)

Scissor Runner” By Jenny and Johnny (From I’m Having Fun Now, out August 31 on Warner Brothers)


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