Figurines: Lucky to Listen


Hang some Christmas lights, sit in a desk chair, play Figurines and spin.  One might be deliriously and oddly filled with joy before they get to the the third rotation.  I can’t even relate how much happiness is possible when you give these guys a chance.  Think a more reliable Replacements or a slight Pavement side.  It also doesn’t hurt that I procured a date with a swell gal whilst writing this.  The Danish outfit will be releasing their 4th and self-titled album September 27th, and it’s never been a better time to discover them.  Besides of course when “The Air We Breathe” was featured on Gossip Girrrrrl.  That was a sterling moment.  Season Finale and everything.  The new set of songs are leaner, bouncier and more lyrically extensive.  Maybe this is because some changes have happened since their 2007 When the Deer Wore Blue; Drummer Kristian Volden and Bassist Mads Kjærgaard have left the band.

You: But what’s a band without drums and bass?

Me: Don’t worry, they’ve got it covered

Figurines by The Wounded Jukebox

Originally the whole band was comprised of guitarists (hmmmm, wouldn’t that be interesting?), and they found their way to the right slots.  The threesome is now drums, bass, guitar and a light sprinkling of rhythmic banjo throughout (See the 1st single; “Lucky to Love”).  But more than anything it’s Christian Hjelm’s vocals that keep everything tight.  Realistically, his voice has the capacity to be annoying, but it never seems to ever reach that point.  Psychedelia requires a sort of desperation in the tremor, and Hjelm’s voice oozes true emotion to match Figurines frequent subject matter of (Danish) Love, (Danish) Longing and (Danish) Wonderings (See the 2nd single; “Hanging from Above”).  You’ll feel like a Mr. Rogers/Elmo hybrid is singing you ballads of encouragement.  Unique style, charismatic vocals and a penchant for the unexpected turn make the songs of Figurines something to add to your collection.



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