Jesca Hoop: The Kingdom

Matt wrote excitedly of the quirky and unpredictable nature of Jesca Hoop’s music back in February. He also mentioned her album has been available in the UK since November of 2009, but hadn’t been released in the US. That stateside unveiling happened July 27, and “The Kingdom” was made available to the world just a few short weeks ago.

Hoop is, as Matt mentioned, hard to pin down. Just when you think you might have her pegged — quirky folk or bouncy indie-pop are a couple of the categories she skims briefly — her penchant for innovative and interesting songcraft shatters those comfortable conceptions you’ve just constructed. A synthesizer here, a vocoder there, a thwapping drumbeat or a fuzzy guitar interlude elsewhere, and you’re thrown for a loop. A Hoop Loop.

Try this one on for size, and be entertained/enthralled with the song’s shift in tone and tenor at about the 1-minute mark, then pay attention as it wanders back, and then away from you once again. And grab a copy of Hunting My Dress here.

Hunting My Dress [+ bonus EP]

This first one is a direct download, so just right click on it and “Save As”

The Kingdom” By Jesca Hoop (From Hunting My Dress, out now on Vanguard)

Left-click the rest or grab ’em from the Jukebox widget on the right

Four Dreams” By Jesca Hoop (From Hunting My Dress, out now on Vanguard)

Whispering Light” By Jesca Hoop (From Hunting My Dress, out now on Vanguard)

Intelligentactile 101” By Jesca Hoop (From Kismet, out now on Red Ink)

An… interesting video for “The Kingdom”

And this acoustic video of “Whispering Light” is reallllllly cool (From



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