Kisses: “People Can Do The Most Amazing Things”


And now I’m sad.  Checking my phone every five minutes, waitin’ for a change of heart.  I need some nighttime-gaze-out-the-window music.  Luckily our old pals Kisses (Princeton’s Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson) are ready to oblige with their new single for “People Can Do The Most Amazing Things”.  A title haughty enough to urk the lazy blogger, it’s the darker sight of one’s squint through a nightlight’s glare.  Or, in simpler terms; a good song to lead you to the road of recovery.  Down days/Lonely nights/Dejected hopes; that’s what Kisses takes and weaves into an open mind for the positive possibilities.  The 7” for the track also includes a brighter colored remix by Pete Wiggs; it can drag a little but it’s a nice addition overall.  The California duo is just about to set out for a European tour via Tokyo, so if you’re abroad you’re in for a treat.  Go sad, get happy.

The accompanying video for the single is full of mixed messages and hidden lessons.  Just be ready to admire some white hot fitness.


Kisses by The Wounded Jukebox

coverstore >(Buy the 7” for “People Can Do The Most Amazing Things” here, via I Am Sound Records)

[Kisses Myspace]

[Kisses Website]

[Kisses Twitter]



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