Pulled Apart By Horses: Young and Mangled


I just woke up from a nap, so this is probably the worst time to write about these boys from Leeds.  Because it’s only AFTER you’ve worked a 80 hour week, been jostled by thirteen belligerent strangers on a train, dumped by your best mate, not slept for a couple days and then stubbed multiple toes that you should be able reach the true apex of Pulled Apart By Horses’ darksweatyparts.  But I’m still in the sleepy glow of nappy naps, and I dreamt of Chinese Food, so it goes to show PABH’s music can speak to a person on all levels. 

The fellas from England found each other in 2008, after their individual bands parted ways.  Soon after they were playing secret shows for their friends and slowly building a fan base by word of mouth.  They’ve gained a reputation for putting on a frantic, but a life-goal fulfilling show, with tendencies for band members to injure themselves.  At the 2008 Nastyfest IX Festival (nice right?) MULTIPLE band mates were sent to the hospital after jumping just a bit too high and swinging the guitar just a tad too hard.  Wikipedia has this amazing factoid to add: “While introducing the song ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ guitarist James Brown encouraged the crowd to high five each other, and thanked them when they complied.”

They coalesced, released their 1st single titled “Meat Balloon”, followed by the Tour Traxxx EP and then more singles.  It was all leading up to their self-titled debut Pulled Apart By Horses (hear all of it below!), which includes most of their work from 2008 until present.  The collection varies from pure insanity (“I’ve got Guestlist to Rory O’Hara’s Suicide”) to Motorhead inspired guitar licks and vocal dips (“Moonlit Talons”).  But there are also pieces that fall in the middle ground where you and I might stray occasionally.  “The Lighthouse” might just be lyrics to a church confessional, and “ I Punched A Lion in the Throat” audiolizes every dude’s secret desire to go primal.  And punch something.  A lion.  ULTIMATE POWER!!!!!!!!  It all lends itself to itself to make one fun heck of a wallop upside your head. 

This isn’t the kind of music that this website, nor myself usually dither upon, but there are certain points in a boys life when you just want to scream and flail all four (five? inevitably) limbs at once.  Drinks, friends and happily mad times when you can mash to your hearts content might just be the recipe these guys were founded upon.  That, JamesBrown_PABHand skull masks.  Are you ever too old for skull masks?   Probably, yes.  But you can never be too old to smash  some s*#t when you gotta dictate to the masses.  Their latest single “High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive” begins with a short march-up and then peaks it’s hairy head at intervals just to tell you it’s “balls” are on fire.  And oddly, I think these guys would be just fine to take home to Mom.  They play hard, but I bet they work at food kitchens and adoption agencies.  There’s an accessible feel to the music, and if you give it a chance, it could be your perfect crappy day lullaby. 

Pulled Apart By Horses by cooperativemusicuk

[PABH Website]

[PABH Myspace]



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