Junip: Always


Swedish acoustic super group Junip has been teasing fans with free EPs and snippets of information for far too long.  Those of us who fell in love with José González and his shy strumming have been bouncing our leg in anticipation for years now.

Finally, their album Fields is all set to be released in the U.S. on September 14th, and their first single “Always” makes for a warm reception to the curious and a gilded road to the expecting.  It’s characteristic of González’ solo work, but with more pomp and circumstance.

Junip – Always by The Wounded Jukebox

Andreas Nilsson directs the video for the new single.  He’s done others for José González, The Knife, Fever Ray, Goldfrapp, Yeasayer and MGMT. It was filmed with the Air Guitar World Championships (which took place in,*air drumroll*, Finland) in mind.  The rest of it, including the impromptu sweater switcheroo, was clearly draught from a nightmare.  Odd choices and the creepiest dance choreographer I’ve ever seen make it a memorable clip at least.  Hopefully, it just proves that there’s a sense humor in there somewhere.  A very, very sick sense of humor.  Poll: Do you take competitive Air Guitar seriously?  Please comment.  I’m very curious.

Download the single with the little down arrow on the SoundCloud, and then listen to the whole album courtesy of NPR HERE.

Junip - Fields

(Fields is out September 14th via Mute Records)


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