Glasser: Something for a Sunny Sunday

Los Angeles–based singer-songwriter Cameron Mesirow applies lipstick while sitting inside of her 1985 Mercedes in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, California, June 16, 2009. Mesirow created the musical project Glasser and has just released her first demo available only on vinal  or through iTunes.

Though we could very easily paint her with mystique and specter, let’s humanize her.  With a father who lives in Germany to perform with the Blue Man Group and a mother that was an integral member of the 70’s New Wave band named Human Sexual Response, whose top three songs are titled respectively; “Jackie Onassis”, “Butt F*@#” and “Anne Frank Story”, Cameron Mesirow a.k.a Glasser has some stories to tell.  She does this with a secret Goth pop agenda, and it will slip by your best defenses.  Back in the day, she left home to pursue artistic ambitions, only one of which became something called an “Auerglass”.  It’s a two person air pump organ she designed with her bestest friend Tauba Auerbach (Also the subject of Ring track “T”).  The two friends would sit in art exhibits and tandemly perform pieces of flowing/floating written by Mesirow.  See one of these performances below.

She began singing to her computer three years ago.  The songs she wrote (or more accurately assembled) were based off vivid dreams she had regularly and used stock computer sounds under the Glasser name to audiolize everything she couldn’t as Cameron; daughter, friend and human.  The sounds of the Glasser moniker stray far beyond the instantly understandable.  If you make the quick connection to School of Seven Bells, you’d be doing yourself a disservice.  This effort is by a woman who is not declaring feelings, but instead exploring them.  If you wake up with dreamt memories of thunderstorms in a pink sky while walk/running away from a mountain/shadow of a somewhat familiar figure, you might be tempted to reconcile those images with what you’re doing in life.

This is what Glasser’s upcoming Ring is all about.  Of the 9 tracks, 8 of them are paired up by subject.  Each pair searches the opposite ends of an idea.  The m-a-g-i-c-a-l “Home” for instance, is paired with “Treasury of We” in a seemingly straightforward but ultimately unsettling manner.  ‘They’re both about false stability’ Mesirow says.  She goes on to say that Ring shucks the idea of every having a starting or ending point.  Since the whole album isn’t available yet, we here at TWJ can’t attest to such an idea, but it’s an intriguing subject, perhaps reminiscent of Mew’s And the Glass Handed Kites where you feel part of a project and a movement rather than series of disjunctive thoughts.

Glasser’s music isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone.  If you want to, it IS possible to make your way through the dense clouds of instrumentation she uses to the heart of her words.  They are open questions in a sense, ones you might have yourself.  And (*cue “Home” now*) while there aren’t necessarily answers, there is a feeling of companionship and willingness to let you follow her further on her campaign.  Maybe that’s an answer in itself.

Glasser by The Wounded Jukebox

[Glasser Photo Blogspot]

[Glasser Myspace]

Glasser (Ring is out 9/28 via True Panther Sounds)



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