ALL MIXED UP: Some one-liners

The mix I’m about to provide you with here began as an “End of Summer 2010” mix. Because, you know, Labor Day has come and gone, the leaves are beginning to change and soon the air will be crisp and cool and we’ll all pull our tacky sweaters out of storage.

But somewhere along the line, it became just another awesome collection of songs, not really connected to any kind of whimsical summer reminiscing or dread at battling with a future case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Instead, I’ve just given each song a one-line (or so) description and tried to supply as much context as I can. Don’t get me wrong, all these tunes are terrific. They just didn’t all fit into my original theme. Enjoy!

ALL MIXED UP: Some one-liners by The Wounded Jukebox

1. Summer Nights Lakeside By Gospel Claws (From CLAWS, due out Oct. 26 on Common Wall): I kind of wish I had this little lo-fi indie-rock nugget during the summer, when things actually were a little more carefree.

2. Distance and Temptation By In Grenada (From Break, due out Sept. 28, self-released): Crank this song to 11 and enjoy the bouncy drums wistful electric guitar and sometimes Wolf Parade-ish vocals, preferably at sunset/sunrise.

3. Your Love Is So Strong By The Thermals (From Personal Life, out now on Kill Rock Stars): “Your love is so strong — it shatters at the slightest hum” sounds like sarcasm right? As usual, The Thermals rock hard, rock simple and rock well.

First single from Personal Life, titled “I Don’t Believe You”

4. Switchblade By Jenny and Johnny (From I’m Having Fun Now, out now on Warner Bros.): Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley and solo fame gets whimsical about a female vagabond with boyfriend Johnny Rice.

5. Rebecca St. Claire By Modern Skirts (From Happy 81 EP, out now, self-released): This warbly acoustic gem is certainly best-suited for some evening summer porch-sitting. Or Fall if you prefer.

6. Noisemaker By Two Hours Traffic (From Territory, out now on Bumstead): A shimmering 90’s-style alt-rock gem.

7. The Continuum of Time By The Echelon Effect (From Mosaic, out now, self-released): Instrumental music that breathes from a group that sounds like it could be from a not-so-distant cousin of Explosions In The Sky.

Trippy video for another TEE song, “Debris”

8. Lowdown By Betsy Franck & The BareKnuckle Band (From Still Waiting, due out Sept. 14, self-released): Fitting that the band name sounds like a lounge-worthy act, because this stuff’s got soul. Fitting, also, that Franck’s name is first, because she’s the heart of it all.

9. Write About Love By Belle and Sebastian (From Belle and Sebastian Write About Love, due out Oct. 12 on Matador): First new material from this lovely duo in almost four years, and it’s their typically groovy twee-pop sound.

Belle & Sebastian have done an online TV show about the upcoming release of their new album. Here’s a trailer for it, and you can watch the whole thing on youtube as well!

10. When I’m Yours By Film School (From Fission, out now, self-released): “This heart is on the go, go go.”

11. When I’m With You (Best Coast Cover) By KitnerBoy: I love Best Coast, and I like good covers, and this synthed-out rendition of BC’s rock number is enjoyable.

12. STRT SRNS By Wise Blood (From ‘+’, downloadable for free here): Samples woven together to create a funky, stomping, low-key jam.

13. Free Translator By The Books (From The Way Out, out now on Temporary Residence Ltd.): The Books — kings of blending found-sound clips with their own instrumentation — offer something a little different with this beautiful track from their latest full-length.

The Books – Classy Penguin video

14. Avenues By Gospel Claws (From CLAWS, due out Oct. 26 on Common Wall): Another fine rollicking tune from this Tempe, Arizona quintet seemed like a good way to finish off a non-themed theme mix.



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