The Migrant: In The Sun

It doesn’t take long to tell that The Migrant, Danish singer/songwriter Bjarke Bendtsen, is a talented fellow. His record Travels In Lowland is set for release tomorrow, and if the first two singles — made available here — don’t convince you the album is worth checking out, we can’t help you much.

Bendtsen’s vocals soar above a bevy of instrumentation, including violin, guitar and drums, but he is more than capable of strumming and singing his heart out in the most delightful fashion. What’s impressive about his vocal talent is that his singing never sounds strained, it merely hits all the notes and delivers with great range and emotion.

These are the kind of tunes that one could soak in on a breezy afternoon by the lake in a comfortable chair, feet propped up and drink in hand. You can almost feel the urge to grab a light jacket as the wind whistles past. (Editor’s note: I wrote the previous lines before seeing the press photos or album art. But that’s funny) But The Migrant’s music is all the warmth you need. Soak it in!

Right-click and “Save As” on these links, kids. Preview them in The Jukebox at right.

In The Sun” By The Migrant (From Travels In Lowland, out 9/21, self-released)

The Organ Grinder” By The Migrant (From Travels In Lowland, out 9/21, self-released)



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