Lia Ices: “Grown Unknown”


Now that Lia Ices has signed to the Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar label, the webs are ahoppin’ with buzz about her newest track “Grown Unknown”.  And I am deathly, tragically afraid.  Afraid that my lithe lady of lilting will fall prey and swoon to the flannel and beard and tortoiseshell eye-glasses of the masses.  Where were they during her 2008 debut album Necima?  I was flirting with then Subterranean writer Courtney, sending her Lia’s soothing tracks to help her recover after an especially arduous MTV Video Awards.  Courtney was pleased and thankful.  I was ON TOP OF EIIIITTTT! 

But now, in the real world, the female of flit is bursting from her creative seams to release a new album with an as of yet untold release date.  Lia hasn’t told anyone when she will.  Ms. Ices is mysterious as well.  She won’t tell you what beach she’d like to walk long on.  You’ll have to find her, and jog to catch up.  But don’t say a word!  She’s deep in thought about the tea she drank three days ago and the butterfly that her cat accidently injured a month before.  If she were to do step-aerobics she would out step every woman in 7 square miles and every one would be a masterpiece.  If she was to reach out to take the cinnamon during breakfast, you would watch every millisecond of her arm’s detraction and overfill your coffee cup.  You would change your pants thinking of her too.

Many people clapped many times to begin this song in style.  And the only effect added to Lia’s voice is a slightly vacuous acoustic additive.  Don’t think or move too much while listening to “Grown Unknown”.  You might ruin the specter of seeing a woman around the corner swaying and weaving withIN a spell.  If she sees you, she’ll flee.  Just stand there and take it.  Like any man would. 

Lia Ices – "Grown Unknown" by OctopusWindmill


*Also this!!!!!

Lia Ices – Half Life by The Wounded Jukebox



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