Fences: My Girl The Horse

Chris Mansfield seems like a regular guy who writes regular rock songs. But to limit him to that description would be doing him a disservice. Because Mansfield — the frontman for Seattle band Fences — writes emotionally affecting songs about the trials of the everyman. They’re the kind of tales we can all relate to. We all just want to be happy, feel loved and be able to enjoy the little things.

But, inevitably, we get in our own way. And Mansfield sings about those difficulties with his wonderful baritone and some straightforward rock accompaniment. And after listening to Fences music, I’ve decided Mansfield’s simplicity is enough for me.

Also, there’s the fact that Sara Quin of the awesome Canadian-sister duo Tegan & Sara produced the band’s self-titled debut LP, which dropped just a few weeks ago. Who can’t relate to someone who quite honestly sings “I’m fucking up, I’m fucking up, I’m fucking up everything…”? We’ve all been there right?

Fences by The Wounded Jukebox



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