Family of the Year: “Summer Girl”

l_924cddd9e4ea49f68eb823d0b61be217 If I told you I had been singing so hard while driving, that I passed out and had an accident, it would be very embarrassing and you probably wouldn’t believe me.  The officer at the resulting scene would have snickered and looked at me twice before penning “respiratory issues” on the accident report.  My falsetto is not what it used to be.

The sounds of this song in question ease where there was cacophony, and smooth where complications entered.  It’s ridiculous how easy “Summer Girl” falls into a heart.  I had it guarded so well.

Listen with furrowed brow and eye closed.  Piano + Co-ed Harmonies = Car Crash

Summer Girl by Family of the Year by CRC Music

Download the song for the price of an email HERE.

51PWSMZF39L._SS500_ (Where’s The Sun is available from Washashore Records and here.)

And “Chugjug”: a track from their Through The Trees EP.

Family Of The Year – Chugjug by wereofftherails

[Family of the Year Offical Website]

[Family of the Year Myspace]

[Family of the Year Facebook]



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