Matt and Kim: A Lot of Fun

If you’ve listened to Matt and Kim on record, then you’ve probably had an enjoyable experience. If you’ve seen the Brooklyn couple in concert, then you know their energy is matched only by their sincerity. In short, they are a lot of fun. With 2009’s Grand, the duo achieved a measure of mainstream success (The song “Daylight” was featured in this ubiquitous liquor ad). Those who took the initiative to hunt down their tunes were rewarded with the indie-pop goodness that these two produce.

Enter Matt and Kim’s most recent output, the LP Sidewalks, which drops today. The record is full of the same sugar and sweetness — and the same kickass beats — that made Grand so much fun. The first single “Cameras” gives a pretty good indication of what Sidewalks is all about: having a good time by utilizing a nifty gift for making one want to get up and dance. Again, if you’ve seen Kim bang on the skins and Matt’s boundless energy live then none of this is news to you.

The slow-down numbers are present on this record. “Good For Great” makes wonderful use of a string sample and “Northeast” stretches Matt’s vocal chops to the limit with impressive results. But these New Yorkers are at their best when they’re pounding out the beats and singing over digital effects with gusto. Which they do on nearly all of the 10 tracks on Sidewalks. All in all, a solid junior effort.

[Buy Sidewalks here]



BONUS! Download “Block After Block

Matt and Kim – Good For Great – by the Pop Sucker



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