Figurines: Figurines


It. Is. Self. –. Titled!!!!!! – And a blitzkrieg upon your heart, mind and proper sensibilities.  You are a safari-helmeted explorer at this moment.  And you’re there, with your closest lackeys, tearing through jungle and snare.   You’re sweating on top of dried sweat, and you’re all sorts of icky and tired…when suddenly, you slip and tumble down and out into a vast subterranean temple.  Fire-lit flickers and sway-inducing shadows surround you as you stand alone in a stadium sized chamber.  Everything is ancient and worn,…but there’s something energized in the stone.  And that’s when the ghostly figures full of rainbow and sparkle and photons and smiles and jillawots and Ecto-Cooler and Christmas cookies phase out of the walls and sweep you on a mystical tour of their home.

The songs from Figurines by Figurines are the rooms of their home, and the notes are the words they use to culminate and welcome.  The drums of the early-sparse/late-dream “Hanging From Above” say “hallo” to you and the guitar twinges and twangs push you onto… “The Great Unknown”.  Some rooms are decorated by senile flapper ghosts, and not at all what you’d do yourself, but interesting to gawk at all the same.

Figurines – Hanging From Above by Morningside Records

Number 3, “New Colors”, is a swirl and number 4, “Free Today” is zig-zags.  They are more decipherable by their textures, woven by vocalist Christian Hjelm (pictured left).  He always keeps the balance between fright, celery blight and ultraviolet telescope light.  His voice reaches just high enough to point your attention to what you should see and turns before you can look back down.  You’re always jogging to catch up to see what interesting next thing it will show you.  You might get tired eventually, but you’re a better person for following.  Track number 5 (“Glee”) is the gym, complete with slow-mo cycling/ellipticals.  “We Got Away” is the shower afterwards, exiting clean.

The ghosts are almost done with you now.  They’ll return you to your concerned lackeys after they’re through, and you realize now that there IS an end to the tour they give, so you pay that much more attention to…

“Every Week”

Figurines – Every Week by The Wounded Jukebox

When you find you’re out at sea,

Live it out in memories.

Basements are rarely cheery, and often the things hidden.  Such is theirs.  “Poughkeepsie” races under a ceiling of earth at break-neck speeds solely to get you though it and out.  Emotions of fleeting times ago are substantive only for the individual, so you move on.  “Lucky to Love”/banjo awaits.

Figurines – Lucky To Love by blaavinyl

After the sock-hop, the band of phantoms call you into a darkened room lit by multi-colored fire of yellow/orange/red/blue to induct you.  They chant “Call Your Name” while invocations of time and old rush through you.  This is the beginning of the goodbye, but also the thing you’ll take with you.  And marched out you are by “Unable to Drift”, a procession of single-lined spirits who toot and bleat your return to the world above.  And you come back with vigor, experience and the world below in your heart.  Figurines are a tour of everything Outer-Limits and a soft cloud home.  You are invited.


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