Keegan DeWitt: “Say La La”

Keegan DeWitt is quite the interesting fella. He composes film scores, does some acting, and composes underground mixes for an invite-only list under the name “Wild Club”. Oh yeah! And he makes gorgeous indie tunes. I assume in his spare time. In short, he’s one talented guy. And that talent shines through on his most recent work, the lovely Nothing Shows EP.

Nothing Shows was released via Daytrotter, folks who obviously have fantastic taste in music. Give Mr. DeWitt a listen and check out the video for “Hearts Beat Loud” below as well. His tenor reminds me somewhat of Randy Newman, but that’s just me struggling for a suitable comparison at this late hour. Check it out for yourself.

Keegan DeWitt – Say La La by The Wounded Jukebox

Keegan DeWitt – Hearts Beat Loud by The Wounded Jukebox


[Keegan DeWitt]

[Daytrotter Sessions]

[Buy Nothing Shows EP]



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