Her Name is Calla: “Pour More Oil”

calla luminaire And when you ponder, ponder this: why do some things, most gorgeous, go unseen?  Why is Her Name is Calla not voiced from thousands of ravenous greedy fans?  They are stadium-full-to-capacity Frames.  They are a small band of cloaked figures walking out of a cave.  When they disrobe, they are the rainbow connection.

The above photo is blurry, but it is golden.  It also includes (a rare to find picture of) Sophie Green with the rest of  band.  And it is Miss Green I hear first in all the songs.  In all respect to the wonder of this English band, I hear her violin as the brush, and all else paint.  But it is the dark blues of Tom Morris’s piano, the wide crimson of Michael Love’s bass, the bright white of Adam Weikert’s percussion and the yellow praise of Thom Corah and Co.’s voices.  If you listen with WMP’s visualizer on, you’ll begin to understand.  In a dark room, chin in hands, HNIC’s music will make the visuals deeper with just a flick of their wrist.

The entirety of their newest album’s The Quiet Lamb should be posted, because it is a tremendous follow-up, but the singled “Pour More Oil” is more than enough to show you what I speak of.

Pour More Oil by hernameiscalla



Thief by hernameiscalla





thequietlamb[Buy The Quiet Lamb]


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