Lord Huron: “Into The Sun”


There are times when I know all I need to about an artist after hearing 30 seconds of one of their songs. That can be good or bad. If it’s a lackluster first half-minute, I will sometimes cut the artist loose, for better or worse. It hasn’t bitten me much — I have to trust my instincts or my head might explode with the volume of bad music I’d listen to — but I’m sure I’ve left some good bands behind.

The best word to describe the first 30 seconds of Lord Huron’s 6-minute, 27-second “Into The Sun” is… intriguing. I was immediately captivated by the sound of waves lapping some musical shore, and that sound soon fades into the feedback of some distant frequency being tuned in to something delightful. And then the rhythmic strumming and beat fade into the picture, and I am now hooked.

Lord Huron are based in Los Angeles, the home of another wonderful new band named Local Natives. This is interesting for two reasons. First, both band names are two words and begin with L. But let’s move past that as it is inconsequential. Second, I’ve seen Lord Huron referred to in some circles as “Tropical pop.” And Local Natives? “Jungle pop.”

I think the point is, both bands have the power to whisk you away to some exotic locations. Lord Huron does it with lovely rhythms, gentle strumming and the kind of melodies that make you feel as though they are washing over you from far away. Much like the waves at the start of “Into The Sun” would suggest.

Teen Daze recently did a remix of “Into The Sun,” and it takes the listener on an equally wonderful journey, albeit with a little more bass and heft. So let your ears take you on a trip, and bask in the truly magnificent sounds of Lord Huron.

“Into The Sun (Teen Daze Remix)” Lord Huron by aalbert83

(This song originally premiered on the fantastic blog Rollo & Grady)

Lord Huron – Into the Sun (Bad Decision Remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

(This one premiered on the also-awesome Nickydigital.com)

[Pre-order Into The Sun 7″]


[Lord Huron site]



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