Twin Shadow: “I Can’t Wait”

I’m not sure why I’ve held off raving about Twin Shadow as long as I have. It may be because I wanted to do its pitch-perfect reinvigoration of 80s dance tunes justice. Could be because I felt it would be hard to find something that hasn’t already been said about this masterfully crafted record.

Twin Shadow – I Cant Wait by The Wounded Jukebox

When I listen to “I Can’t Wait,” I see hipsters swaying in unison while the music plays. Maybe a couple of them break away, put their hands around each other’s waists, as the song says, and enjoy one another’s dance moves. George Lewis Jr., the Brooklyn native behind Twin Shadow, admits that he’s never worked harder than he did on Forget, and the LP is all the evidence one needs to see that’s true.

Twin Shadow – Slow by The Wounded Jukebox

Layered samples,drum loops, groovy basslines, Lewis’ emotive croon — they all blend together to create a slow-burning set of dynamite songs.

Twin Shadow – Castles In The Snow by The Wounded Jukebox



[Twin Shadow]

[Buy Forget]



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