Dial-Up: A TWJ Band Introduction

Seller Door EP Cover Art

Being a blogger can be pretty cool. When an interesting band just falls into your lap, that giddy feeling of discovery is as fresh as its ever been. Such was the case with Dial-Up, an electro-noise pop band from Minneapolis that just finished their first EP.

They describe themselves as “what Beck would sound like if he grew up in Berlin.” A cooky mix of fuzz, feedback and funky electronic blips and beats, Dial-Up are an intriguing listen. Some of the songs from the band’s Seller Door EP seem destined to get caught in one’s head and take up residence. The deliberate pulse of “DTRT” — that stands for Do The Right Thing, which according to the song is to dance — sucks the listener in.

Dial-Up – DTRT by The Wounded Jukebox

The feedback and sometimes distorted vocals remind me somewhat of Jookabox. Grooves like the one on the subtly funky “Rubstep” bring a lo-fi Gorillaz to mind. The album art fits this group: quirky, charming and mysterious. I can’t wait to hear more from Dial-Up, and you should check out the sample here. You can also purchase their 6-song EP for only 3 dollars (or more, if you’re feeling generous) at bandcamp.com. Or stream it for free.

Dial-Up – Rubstep by The Wounded Jukebox

And do you know what ubiquitous mid-90s love song this is a spaced-out cover of? Okay, it’s pretty easy.  Also wonderful.

Dial-Up – Crash & Byrn by The Wounded Jukebox


[Purchase Seller Door EP]




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