The Phoenix Foundation: Buffalo


I wish our site (in this instance) had more color.  I would wrap these words and the songs I’ll place after them in a mixture of greens, golds and reds.  Green for the land of New Zealand from which The Phoenix Foundation hails, gold for the sparkles/glitter and tinsel they wrap and dance themselves in.  And Red for the blood and bright emotions they mix with their sounds.  It’s all very tongue-in-cheek-ish, and they’ll jest with the best; twirling around in heart costumes is what they excel at.  But when the time comes to prove to Q that humans are indeed worthy, they’ll knock it out of the park.  And I’m serious about the heart costumes.

They’re hitting their very gallant stride just now on their fourth LP, Buffalo, which was released this past April in NZ.  It stretches from the airy (“Pot”) to the stringent (“Orange and Mango”) and then back past to the ride-the-train-in-your-jammies (“Bailey’s Beach”).  The very best of it ALL is the title track, “Buffalo”, with song phrasing and tempo changes on an all new level.  Never before has such a furred mammal been so majestically sung of.  NO IT HASN’T.  (Insert joke about your hairy friend here>________) .  It’s only by accident that we sometimes get to hear about the far away music on a timely basis.  The Phoenix Foundation are an immediate welcome mat to the universe.

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo by EMI Music New Zealand

The Phoenix Foundation – Bitte Bitte by Dj Golden Rain

The Phoenix Foundation – ‘Pot’ by Tim Chester NME




31X3UDvUlVL._SL500_AA300_[Buy Buffalo]



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  1. #1 by lesley on November 19, 2010 - 10:54 PM

    omg thank you soooooo much!!!!!! i absolutely love the phoenix foundation and “buffalo” is one of my favorite tracks by them. i haven’t heard much, but what i have heard has stayed with me. great, great sound. love them! need to hear more. 🙂

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