The Naked And Famous: “Young Blood”

There is something special about bands that wear their proverbial hearts on their sleeves. The Naked And Famous do so with a mixture of brooding guitars and keyboards, pulsing synth-style beats and a nice mix of male and female vocals. The group, who are from New Zealand, builds up emotion and tension with the greatest of ease, and then washes over the listener with dreamy soundscapes. That release is a beautiful thing.

The single “Young Blood” makes me feel like I could conquer the world. A charming keyboard riff chimes in and out, fuzzy guitars populate the whole track, and a pounding beat keeps the song rolling. It is what MGMT might sound like if they were fronted by a wonderful female vocalist — such as Alisa Xayalith, who does an exquisite job here.

Here are two great videos for tracks found on their debut LP Passive Me, Aggressive You. Enjoy them both, along with a couple of tracks, below.

Young Blood – The Naked and Famous by Mar-Y

[Buy Passive Me, Aggressive You here or here]


[The Naked And Famous]


 Receive a free download of another track — one that’s  a Mint Chicks cover but sounds like it could be a Stars b-side — by signing up for the band’s e-mail list.



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