Anna Calvi: “Jezebel/Moulinette”


You are female.  Even if you’re entirely 6 ways male, for this one, you’re female.  When Anna Calvi sings, there is no shame in passing genders.  There is instead strength and power and the ability to cooooooooonquer with boots of gilded steel.  She was raised on opera and tango and Rome.  She is one of only three women in 17 years to ever be signed to Domino Records.  She is touring with the high-snap-kicking Nick Cave and his Grinderman.  She strums her guitar not up and down, instead making a circular motion around the core, hitting the strings when her hand is in line with the right ones.

Jezebel by Anna Calvi

In a lead up to her self-titled album that’s due in January (17th), she’s revisioned the famous Edith Piaf song, “Jezebel”; filling it with drums and harmonium and powerful James Bond-opening gunshots.  The partner, “Moulinette”, will loll your head as you soar in an old Russian ballroom.  I’m quite sure Calvi is dancing her last with Dracula, going happily to whatever end.   And if only she could be immortal and forever the way she is in these songs…

Moulinette by Anna Calvi

She is teeth and lips and eyes.

See her cover TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” HERE.




[Buy the double A-side Jezebel]



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