Fierce Creatures: “Satan Is a Vampire”


Here’s a little vacation from humanity: a song that’s all about reverting to impulses and your neediest needs.  You can forget those social faux pas you might have made in front of that handsome stranger, and slink into desires to punch the air and flail your limbs in whatever direction you want.  From outside a room, standing (savagely) several meters away from “Satan Is A Vampire” by Fierce Creatures, it likens itself to an extended bike ride down a steep hill.  You are crazy, you are thrilled.  And as soon as you get off your rocker, you’ll beat the notes to this song into your walls.

Fierce Creatures – Satan Is a Vampire by The Wounded Jukebox




[Amanda Valdez’s Tumblr]

51KbZgKJM-L._SS500_[Buy the I Mostri Feroci EP] (It’s great)



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