Gold Fields: “Treehouse”

The weather has turned cold here in Ohio, just in time for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean the music can’t be kinda sunny. Enter Gold Fields, a very new band that calls Ballarat, Victoria Australia home. They sound like some combination of Harlem Shakes and The Radio Dept., and their first single “Treehouse” — with its bangin bassline, funky percussion and “ooo ooo ooohs” — is just the kind of musical sunshine everyone needs. Plus, it’s about makin’ love and bein’ in love.

Gold Fields have been around for less than six months. They recorded demos in their bedroom, had them mixed in another friend’s bedroom, and they’ve been getting some heat as of late. They are receiving heavy airplay on Australia’s Triple J radio, which I honestly knew nothing about until I looked it up. Check it out here.

These guys are worth a listen, and if you like the tracks given here, check out their bandcamp site for a couple other demo tracks. I, for one, am excited to hear a full-length from them, whenever that happens. Try both tracks and a video below.

Gold Fields – The Woods (Demo) by The Wounded Jukebox

[Buy the music here]



[Young And Lost Club label]



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