Cloud Control: Bliss Release

CloudControlEpic I’ll tell you now, there will be Talking Heads references and “Best of The Year” claims and further proclamations of love and avarice throughout this gusher of an article.  In the 13th hour of this year, Cloud Control’s Bliss Release is the first album I would hold above my head and play for the girl in the window/a worst enemy alike.  But an opinion is worth little to the learn-ed listener, so here are some scientific experiments I conducted.

Sitting Down = It sounds great

Standing Up = It sounds extra great

Dancing = Invigorates even the worst gyrations.  More foot shaking than expected

Riding in the Car = Tapped the whole circumference of the steering wheel, this is not normally done.

While Exercising = Extra laps (8) and pushups (12) were performed.

While Showering = I slipped and fell (not experimentally related)

Outside a Room with door closed = Ran to it like it was Bo Derek.

Positive results were recorded, and the bruise obtained in the shower is Idaho shaped and worthy of female attention.  I hope this satisfied any skeptical queries.

The four Australians from the Blue Mountains (which decorates their self-titled EP and Bliss Release) reportedly met at a rehearsal of the FABLED Gilbert and Sullivan production of “Pirates of the Penzance” .  From there they wrote, grew and released fantastic EPs, including “Death Cloud”, one of the songs that caught radio fire on BBC 6.

The band consists of Alister Wright (David Byrne look-a-like/Robert Forster-like vocal delivery) Sister/brother Heidi Lenffer and Ulrich Lenffer, and Jeremy Kelshaw.  Together they create a sound that hasn’t missed a single hooky beat.  Wright and lady Lenffer’s harmonies are modest but still woo at the right moments (“There’s Nothing in the Water…”, “Just For Now”, “Hollow Drums”) and every other perfect second of the long player.  “This Is What I Said” bounces along with Kelshaw’s bass meanderingly, and “Beast of Love” erupts halfway through with chamber opera hymns of L-O-V-E.  You’ll love clincher “Gold Canary”.  It sits you down and shows you life in essence.

Cloud Control’s music is full of heart and lovely desires to see the world in a brighter light.  Oranges and Pinks and sweeping kicks to your chin (“Ghost Story”) will bring you right in line with the path these troubadours blaze upon.  And if you use your Barry White voice, their songs will come to top the smooth layers with candles and fanfare.

Cloud Control – Gold Canary by MCMLXXXVIII

Cloud Control – Just For Now by The Wounded Jukebox

Cloud Control – My Fear #2 by The Wounded Jukebox

Hear Cloud Control cover Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” VERY WELL

[Official Website]



[Last FM]

cloud-control420-420x0[Buy Bliss Release]



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