Billions And Billions: “Ghost View”

Billions and Billions Cover Art

Initially, I had trouble getting into Chicago outfit Billions And Billions, aka Chris Katsaros. The music has all the elements of progressive instrumental rock music that I love: nice guitar harmonies, some spacey effects, lovely keyboard melodies. I just wasn’t loving it as much as I felt I should be. How could an obviously-talented rock musician not blow my socks off? But I discovered the problem today.


I had been listening to Billions And Billions — Katsaros tags his genre as “ambient electronic post-rock shoegaze stoner pop” — via my sometimes-tinny, standard-issue iPod headphones. This just won’t do with B.A.B. Once I let his tunes flex some muscle on my stereo, allowed the guitars and keys to waft into the open air, it became something far more special.

Every part of Billions And Billions self-titled debut comes to life when it’s allowed to roam free in a room. I imagine that his live shows kick some serious ass for this very reason. So check out a very talented dude from the Windy City.

That about says it all.

Crank it, friends.

[Buy Billions And Billions here]

Billions And Billions – Ghost View by The Wounded Jukebox

Billions And Billions – Cloud Nine And A Half by The Wounded Jukebox

Billions And Billions – A Shift In Orbit by The Wounded Jukebox



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