Syd Matters: “Hi Life”

Syd Matters

A song crept through it, but its video came first.  The illustrated clip features a biological/industrial scene-scape, full of creatures and mechanisms that edge very close to normal, but never quite get there.  I can’t help feel it’s a warning against space exploration/resource exploitation/drugs.  As for the song,  you could be readily forgiven if you thought Tim Smith from Midlake was providing vocals (gold star).  But Syd Matters is actually led by Parisian Jonathan Morali who carved his pseudonym from the name of two Pink Floyd members.  If can guess which two, you will get 1,000,000 gold stars.

Submarine piano + fall porch guitar + backseat choir dadas = “Hi Life”, the title track from a tidy four song EP.  It’s a signal flare for the forthcoming Brotherocean (2/15/11), and it floats hot and red under the waves.  Swing your capable interNET and scoop it up for yourself.  Please.  I would much like to talk to you about it.

SYD MATTERS – Hi Life by MarMat7681

[Official Website]



Hi Life[Buy the Hi Life EP]

(a small preview of Brotherocean)

Syd Matters – ‘A Robbery’ | Brotherocean by



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