Carmen Townsend: “Without My Love”

I am a sucker for a girl with a guitar. If she’s quite talented and rocks with lots of attitude, well I’m done for. Carmen Townsend is a woman that shreds, a red-headed spitfire who’s voice is smooth and raspy in all the right places on “Without My Love,” the first single from her album Waitin’ and Seein.’ Townsend’s energy here reminds me of Florence Welch’s on “Kiss With A Fist,” one of my favorites of 2009. Or maybe that’s just because they are both knockout redheads who can wail, man.

This song is a reality check for the dude Townsend is singing to. In one verse she sings “Together’s not forever, it’s just a little while.” In another, it’s “You let me go, and I doubt you’ll get along without my love. There’s nothing in your heart.” Cold and hot all at the same time. Her album is out in Australia, and drops in her native Canada on January 25th. No word on a U.S. release date. But warm up with this sub-3-minute, attitude-filled rocker.

Also, check out the videos below of Townsend rocking out onstage, including a bitchin’ cover of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares To You.” It’s impressive.



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