Veronica Falls: Band Eaters

Veronica Falls

Just a few years ago, there was a nice little Glasgow duo called the Sexy Kids, and they had a super good hit called “Sisters Are Forever”.  They released an EP of the same name, three more songs after that, and then they disappeared.  I searched high and low, but they were officially “on the lamb” as their Myspace says and not to be heard from again.  I was very sad.

Sexy Kids – Sisters Are Forever by The Wounded Jukebox

Then nostalgic searches started to lead me to another Scottish band.  And tales of woe told me that the once adored duo had quit their sexiness and up and joined a proper “B-A-N-D”.  The word tastes funny.  These “Veronica Falls” people had my narrow eyes upon them and my arrow on the back button.  I was very angry.

But the jingle jangle of the rockabilly guitar and the familiar vocal refrains and the whomping power brought by more members/instruments soothed my frustrations.  Veronica Falls takes a slower pace and a darker tone, but the spirit of fun in the sun is the same.  To date, they have released two EPs: Found Love in a Graveyard/Starry Eyes and Beachy Head.  “Beachy Head” being the dark drive to the coast with sinister purposes in tow, and “Found Love in a Graveyard” being the frantic escape from the consequences.  It all a Lo-Fi approach to youth and frivolity, which makes it perfect to listen to when you’re out of your gourd with things to do, and just no wits to do them with.  I am very pleased.

They’ve just released a new song called “Right Side Of My Brain” available as a download at their site for an email.  And it’s very nice, with ramping harmonies and churning thunderous riffs.

Veronica Falls – Right Side Of My Brain by flogase

Beachy Head by Veronica Falls

Found Love In A Graveyard by Veronica Falls

Veronica Falls – Stephen by Surfing on Steam

[Official Website]



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